Ehisoge - Aje

Ehisoge is a diverse artiste From Edo state Nigeria raised in Lagos.
After putting out his first official single “Body” in 2018. Ehisoge went further with releasing an Ep titled “Heavyweight” in 2020. It was an Ep consisting of different genres of music. Sometime in June Ehisoge release his first single of the year titled “Sinner man” and he is about to round off his year with his new release Aje.  Aje is a song created from sexual thoughts and pleasures and memories from childhood. 
Ehisoge is a singer and songwriter from Edo state Nigeria and was raised in Lagos. He started writing music at a very young age getting inspiration from the likes of Lucky Dube, Akon, Sean Paul and Brandy at the early stage of his life which influenced his regae and rnb sound. He then went ahead to start writing songs that can be relatable to Nigerians and Africans and had to diversify his sound into afrobeat music.

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