The Female Sexual Well-Being Is Equally Important


Sexual wellness advocate, Ifediba Oluchi Anne, is into the business of empowering sexuality and in 2020 she started Fresh Cookie Lab, a brand that helps females to discover or rediscover their bodies and improve their relationship with their partners. The company is focused on vaginal health and improving female hygiene.

The company may be young but this advocacy has been going on for at least five years but it was only when Oluchi started a conversation about sexual awareness that Nigerians began to notice her brand and listen to her very enlightening coaching strategies. Oluchi has been busy helping young females to challenge the setbacks they face in going through the changes in their bodies.

Oluchi faced serious flak from the public when she spoke on her inalienable rights to sexual awareness. She was called all sorts of unprintable names but today these same people realize that she was more of a social crusader than a sexual deviant.

"There are things we talk about and things we don't. I just talk about things we really don't talk about but really should. Sex education is like a taboo in these parts. One thing parents don't know is if you don't teach your kids about sex, the streets will and most times the repercussions are teenage pregnancies, abortions and sexually transmitted diseases. Nigerians are becoming aware of the need to promote the sexual well-being of our women. When we take care of our sexual health, our mental health improves."

Oluchi is a trained Yoni Steam Facilitator and a Women's Health and Hormone Coach. She also has a product, Cookie Vitamins, a boric acid suppository that helps women that are dealing with aggressive yeast infections.

"Females are usually too embarrassed to talk about infections. They will rather just suffer in silence and ignore it until their partners complain about the putrid smell emanating from their privates. Fresh Cookie Lab was established to quietly assist these women and young girls in treating all kinds of female health challenges".

Mrs Nnenna Orji, a mother of a rebellious teen still recovering from the effects of a botched abortion procedure, said that she ought to have taught her daughter about sexual health but kept postponing the talks until it was too late.

'Sexual wellness is much more than the physical act. There is also emotional and mental intimacy. It is the duty of parents to ensure that our children are adequately prepared for it.'

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