How Venture Garden Group is creating limitless opportunities for African Startups


Venture Garden Group is Africa’s largest technology holding conglomerate. They build and scale innovative companies that help solve inefficiencies in huge impact sectors in Africa. Venture Garden Group does this by providing business ideas with capital, technology platforms, and business advice. All these combined leads to sustained growth of startups across Africa.

Venture Garden Group began in 2011 and since then has given startups across Africa the platform to incubate their ideas and launch their companies. The technology giant has never failed to provide qualified startups the three tools they need. These are funding, technology, and business advice. The Group was co-founded by three FinTech tycoons, Demola Idowu, Olufemi Olukunmi Demuren, and Olubunmi Akinyemiju. VGG has incubated companies from many industries including education, logistics, financial services, energy, health, transportation, cleaning and laundering services, education and more.


Here's what you should know about Venture Garden Group founders.


Demola Idowu

Demola Idowu is an entrepreneur, solution architect and strategist with over 25 years of experience leading technology teams. He also possesses over ten years of software development experience in different industry sectors in Canada, Nigeria and the United States. Demola Idowu has been part of the success stories of over 45 Fortune 500 technology companies in the United States. At Daewoo Motors, Demola Idowu was responsible for implementing the automation and inventory of the company which he handled successfully. Demola Idowu is experienced when it comes to intersecting business and technology, and he aims to help African startups start from the ground up through his co-founded company, the Venture Garden Group.


Kunmi Demuren

Kunmi is an entrepreneur in technology who possesses enormous experience when it comes to innovation, business development, organization, transformation and global strategy. Kunmi Demuren obtained his master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Cooper Union, USA and has spent two decades of his life contributing to the transformation of organizations in various capacities such as process engineering and research and development. Kunmi is also a major shareholder and investment partner of RemX Capital Ltd, OIT Africa and Avalon Offshore Logistics. He believes in African creatives and has provided a system that gives them limitless opportunities to fund and grow their startups.


Bunmi Akinyemiju

Bunmi Akinyemiju is a serial entrepreneur, investor and innovator in the tech industry. He possesses over two decades of experience in tech and business. He is the CEO of Venture Garden Group (VGG) and his innovative work is evident at VGG where he leads the team and is constantly trying to develop and scale technologies. Bunmi is also a shareholder of RemX Limited, where Eghosasere Nehikhare if the firm’s director and founder.


Opportunities Venture Garden Group Offers to African Startups

Venture Garden Group provides limitless opportunities for African startups in several ways. The first strategy is providing the basic amenities a business needs to grow. Venture Garden Group is ready to provide African Startups with the capital needed to launch their wonderful ideas. They also offer the best technology assets for African startups after providing them with the required capital. On top of that, the Venture Capital Group provides business advice to help these African startups grow from the ground up. By providing all these, the Venture Capital Group has been behind the success stories of over fifteen companies.

Secondly, the Venture Garden Group provides specialized training for African startups, team members, and founders. These trainings are designed to ensure excellence and maximum success at combining business with technology. Venture Garden Group spots and trains individuals making them capable of competing with other highly skilled people in tech and business in Africa and across the world. They also connect trained individuals with tech companies for them to start a fulfilling career in business and technology.

Venture Garden Group provides African startups with the standards required to grow from nothing to valued tech companies in no time. With Venture Garden Group support for African startups, there are no limits to what African startups can achieve.

In addition to providing business assets such as funding, technology platforms as well as training African creatives, Venture Garden Group also provides services that these startups might need to jumpstart their creation process. These services include Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Data-to-Insight, Design and Corporate Communication, DevOps, Information Security, and Legal Services, and more. Each of these services has a dedicated team and are ready to get African creatives and African startups running in no time.

For African startup founders, taking advantage and making the most of the systems discussed here is a sure way to build your own success story with Venture Garden Group. Over fifteen startups have done it and are now successful African companies. You too can do the same and maximize the limitless opportunities Venture Garden Group has to offer.

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