Trazyx - No Bad Vibes (EP)


The Arrival of Trazyx’s sophomore Solo Ep ‘NO BAD VIBES’

Nigerian-born recording artist and Eze Empire Records signee, Trazyx continues his impressive breakout run with a long-awaited Ep titled ‘NO BAD VIBES’

NO BAD VIBES, a title that aptly describes the project’s subject matter which never strays far from Trazyx’s own worldview as an emerging musical artist. The 4-tracker compilation boasts a superb effort of Trazyx’s inclination towards creating songs with intimacy and vulnerability at their core. Listening to the project is akin to gaining unfettered viewing as he fills out pages of his notebook.

This project offers a diversified range, Trazyx introducing listeners to new planes of rhythmicity while keeping his lyrics light, memorable and incisive. But the real highlights here are his voice and how he wields it to express his yearnings on tracks like “Bother me” a melodic and haunting at the same time song that explains a toxic relationship situation. The relationship comes with pains, stress and lots of bad vibes and it was quick to end because Trazyx has had enough of it.

On tracks like NO BAD VIBES, PLENTY BRUKUTUTU, MOGBE’, his voice emerges almost fully formed breezily documenting his interests and dreams with grace and clear-mindedness.

No Bad Vibes is primarily produced by Chechdaproducer, BeatzbyMD and Yomarqstunnahkillem, respectively.

The No Bad Vibes project serves as a product from an artist that is willing to push beyond any boundaries to the music he’s associated with and earned the right to share it with the world on his own timeline.

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