Lord Fabo - Bank Account


This record doesn’t need no much introduction,this is our song of the year. Thank you lord fabo for giving us an early song of the summer.

Lord Fabo need no much introduction if you are a good music lover you remember the hit Song Mula with the catchy hook “I got the Mula I got the dollar.That’s from our very own lord fabo.Today we world premiere a new global hit song from Lord Fabo title Bank Account one thing about this song is it has also a very interesting and catchy hook “ My bank Account is longer than your phone number .

This song has a unique sound a little salsa feel in the sound plus Afro fission and Trap vocal indeed is an interesting sound with a very unique wave .A little biography on Lord Fabo .He originally from Delta State Nigeria relocated to United States to pursue his career on a more global and competitive market has background in Theater Arts,Information Technology & Investment consultant.

Lord Fabo has been more of a behind the scenes man in a lot of top notch international film making a great influence to the huge success Afrobeat has on American soil today, a frontier to good music and architect of International Arts.

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