Moz - I Concur

                                                              Moz - I Concur

I Concur is a very simple but powerful song of praise to God. It's a song of agreement, acknowledgment and celebration of God's great works and His Lordship over our lives. It's also a prophetic song proclaiming our victory over every battle and confirming our receipt of everything we ask for by the power of God at work in us. It's a praise chant that releases God's power, grace and favour whenever it is played or sung in any space.

Moses Onofeghara, popularly known as Manofzion (MOZ) is a gospel music minister from Delta State based in Lagos Nigeria. He is a recording artiste, songwriter, a singer and a music producer who uses music as a tool of positive influence. He does gospel music with a unique eclectic style; a combination of rock, reggae and highlife with a blend of the Nigerian/African culture.

Moz is particularly known for writing great spirit-lifting songs. Inspired by God, he has written and released many praise and worship songs that have remained on the lips of people all over the world. Some of these songs include his latest single I Concur and some classics from his album Songs Of Moz 1 like My God You Are Good, Ibu Chukwu, Obi, Agidigba Baba, Father You Are God and many more. He has also written some great songs for other artistes. His songs are on all online stores.  


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