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Jiron Ft. Olamide - Asalamale (Prod. By Puffy-Tee)

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MUSIC: Qwerty Hanky Ft. Olamide - Hustle

MUSIC: Adekunle Gold Ft. Simi - No Forget + Ariwo Ko || BUY "GOLD" ALBUM NOW!!!

MUSIC: Adekunle Gold Ft. Simi - No Forget + Ariwo Ko || BUY "GOLD" ALBUM NOW!!!

Audio + Video – Blakemon@blakemonmusic – Sumo Mi

Audio + Video – Blakemon@blakemonmusic – Sumo Mi

Blakemon – “Ojoro” ft. Seriki

Blakemon – “Ojoro” ft. Seriki

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

BREAKING!!From Borno, Soldier Writes Buhari About ‘Deadly, Lethal, Gruesome’ Corruption By Army Generals

The Army hierarchy is deliberately slowing down the war against Boko Haram so that its corrupt generals can continue siphoning funds, a soldier involved in the counter-insurgency operation has alleged.

According to the soldier, who simply identified himself as Kumashe Warrior, the Army has turned the operation into “a business for their selfish interest”.

He said the welfare of soldiers is so horrible that they are denied basic warfare items such as desert uniform, boots, fragmental jackets and helmets, while soldiers fighting for the country eat like Almajiris.

“The game is: the more they delay the fight, the more the money they make; through allocation received from the Government,” he wrote.
“In order to achieve the delay, they have refused to supply us with the necessary equipment required to face the terrorists. They have not brought the fighter jets for aerial bombardment. They have also refused to bring supporting weapons that would aid the fight, the likes of GPMG, RPG, AA etc.”

He urged the Federal Government to launch a thorough investigation into the operation in Borno to “detect the corruption and atrocities involved and bring to book all the perpetrators”.

The letter, deliberately unedited by SaharaReporters, is as follows:


As I write, I am Deployed in Operation Lafiya Dole under 7 Div, 21 Bde to combat BH terrorists in Borno State. This operation is being handled majorly by the Nigerian Army, barely Air Force and Navy.

The corruption here is deadly, lethal and gruesome. The DHQ has received a huge amount of money (almost 10 billion naira) from the federal government to execute the task of wiping the terrorist without delay. Sadly, the Army generals have turned it into a business for their selfish interest.

The game is: the more they delay the fight, the more the money they make; through allocation received from the Government. In order to achieve the delay, they have refused to supply us with the necessary equipment required to face the terrorists. They have not brought the fighter jets for aerial bombardment. They have also refused to bring supporting weapons that would aid the fight, the likes of GPMG, RPG, AA etc.

We are being endangered, because the camps of the terrorists are not far from our location. We didn't have vehicles in our camps, so we cannot move in to attack them; because it would be suicidal. These terrorists have enough equipment; so, we cannot match them.

Since March till now many soldiers have been killed by the BHTs because they have seen we don't have the right tools. This is unfair! The federal government has been trying to end killings, by spending much on security. The DHQ has the largest fund allocation for security purposes, especially during this period of security challenges, but the monies are being embezzled.

On our welfare, there are items that are supposed to be given to us like Desert uniform, Boots, fragmental jackets, helmets etc, but they refused to give us when we are on the field, inside the bush fighting for our nation, Nigeria. We are the ones who need it, not them. They will end up selling these materials, once they succeed in not giving them to us.

Our feeding is not what we can write home about, soldiers that are fighting for the country eat like "Almajiris" the Commanding Officers embezzle soldiers feeding allowances and use it to build mansions in the city , (Reference to Battalion Commanders under 21Bde Bama LGA Borno).

Soldiers are working like elephant and eat like ants, 'enough of all this catastrophic situation '

It is part of welfare granted to soldiers that are in the operation ground to be issued pass once in every three months, but the current Commanding Officers under 21 Bde Bama especially 152Bn CO Lt Col I Ogundele denied soldiers of this benefits and it has drastically reduced their fighting morael .

Our allowance is another issue; we learnt each person is entitle to ninety thousand naira (90,000) per month, but we are being paid 30,000 naira. This money is readily available, but the Army generals in charge are just too wicked and heartless. People have been grumbling, but to no avail. No one dares talk.

I keep wondering if it's a crime to fight for the nation, because of what we are going through in the course of service. The federal government allocated billions of naira for this assignment, if not more. Why are we being maltreated for no just reason? Virtually everyone is broke; yet the so-called token 30 thousand is not paid as supposed .

They are doing all these to frustrate the fight against terrorism and make money endlessly and unjustly. This is the same reason the fight against Boko Haram in the northeast has not ended

The federal government should launch a thorough investigation into the ongoing operation in Borno State, to detect the corruption and atrocities involved and bring to book all the perpetrators. We beseeched the Federal Govt, CDS, COAS, GOC 7 DIV, and the Comd 21Bde to carry out thorough check and balance in all the concerned authorities in order to motivate soldier's morael towards their duties.
spread this message till it gets to the Presidency. God bless Nigeria.

Signed: kumshe warrior


Flood took over INEC office in Edo State and caused a devastating damages on a huge chunks of the sensitive materials.
Worrisomely, Voters Registers and Electronics Card Readers were not spared.
One begins to wonder how the INEC can conduct a hitch free elections in Edo state if we considers the degrees of this monumental damages actuated by the torrential rainfall in Benin city recently.

VIDEO: Malaysian Police Chases Nigerian Guy To Death As He Crashed Into Gutter

Malaysian Police Chases Nigerian Guy To Death As He Crashed Into Gutter Yesterday

This Boy Has 9 A1s In WASSCE And 332 In UTME But Will Not Be Admitted To University..You Won't Believe Why

When David Okorogheye of Starfield College, Fagba, Iju, Lagos was preparing for the May/June 2018 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), there were high hopes that by October he would be in the university.
With the 2018 results of the May/June WASSCE and UTME out and his stellar performance, his classmates and school, parents as well as relations concluded he will secure automatic admission or be among the first on the merit list of the University of Lagos.

They were wrong. Despite his sterling performance in both examinations, the Delta State born lad was denied admission on account of his age. He is 15 years old and a candidate must be 16 years before he/she can be offered admission into UNILAG and some other universities in the country.
His classmates, teachers and family members have resigned to fate that in the 2018/2019 admission exercise, David will not participate due to age barrier. In fact, he was not part of applicants that wrote UNILAG post UTME test recently.

In the May/June 2018 WASSCE, Okorogheye with examination number 4251025056 obtained 9As: Civic Education A1, English Language A1, Further Mathematics A1, Mathematics A1, Biology A1, Chemistry A1, Physics A1, Computer Studies A1 and Catering Craft Practice A1.

In the 2018 UTME he scored 332: English Language, 67, Chemistry 91, Physics 89 and Biology 85.
He was the star attraction at his school valedictory service/graduation as he received standing ovation several times for his academic achievements. He emerged the best student for the 2017/2018 session and was bestowed with five awards.

When the Director of Studies, Mr. Chris Eigbe informed the gathering that David lost his dad at the age of eight and his education was sponsored by his aunties and uncles, guests could not but applaud his academic feat. His Mum was close to tears.
Sounding confident of his accomplishment, Director of Studies, Starfield College, Fagba, Iju, Mr. Eigbe said every year, the school has a project tagged Director’s Project, meant to produce students with 9As in the May/June WASSCE and also ensure they score above 300 in the UTME.

He said the academic project has yielded results, stating that in 2017 WASSCE, the college produced a student with 9A1s and for 2019 it has placed five students on academic diet to make 9As in the May/June WASSCE.
“Every year, we identify students and give them special attention and David was one of them. David belongs to the high-flying class. Students we put on special academic diet made 8As, 7As and 6As and Bs in the 2018 WASSCE. Our plan was to make ten 9As.

“When David was in SS2, we knew he will make 9A1s and we subjected him to high dose of studies. I have already known students that will make 9As in the May/June 2019 WASSCE. When school resumes, we shall focus on them.

“Four years ago, Amechi made 8A1s and I told my teachers to work towards 9As. If the environment is right and with good teachers, the students will make 9As.

“My target for 2019 is 5As. I have already identified the students. To achieve the target, the focus will be on teachers’ motivation. The college does not encourage exam malpractice. The school is trying to prove to the nation that if we invest in human resources, the sky will be our limit,’’ Mr. Eigbe noted.
Eigbe also showered encomium on Teniola Faith who made 8As and B3 as well as the head girl, Oruh Abigail who obtained 7As and 2Bs. She went home with best prefect, best in sports, lead choir singer and high academic performance awards.

The director of studies recalled that in May/June WASSCE 2011, 2012 and 2013, the college recorded 79 percent, 79 percent and 100 percent respectively.
Principal of the college, Mrs. S. Oyinloye, said it was team work that produced the excellent results.

Mr. Eigbe who was not happy that David will miss out of the 2018/2019 admission exercise, pleaded that any 15-year-old secondary school graduate with outstanding result in the May/June 2018 WASSCE and the UTME should be considered for special admission.

“That is what is obtainable in the UK, USA, Germany, Israel, France and other developed countries. Nigeria universities should not be seen as the stumbling block to youths progress. I don’t like students being delayed for years. We must tap their potentials at a young age.

“I want government, individuals, lawmakers and even corporate bodies to award scholarship to David. Children who are brilliant should be given scholarship. Abigail should also be bestowed with scholarship.’’

Vice Chancellor of First Technical University, Ibadan, Prof Ayobami Salami said the National Universities Commission (NUC) did not impose age requirement for admission, but that each university through the Senate makes such policies.

Contributing to the issue, former VC of UNILAG, Prof Oye Ibidapo-Obe, noted: “There is a regulation on minimum age for UNILAG admission. Ordinarily, there could be exceptions granted by the Senate of the university. The real issue is the ability of the student to cope with off-classroom/academic life.”
The Proprietor of Focus International School, Abeokuta, Chief Lanre Ogunjobi, pleaded with the Senate of UNILAG to grant David a waiver to enable him take up the admission but when reminded that the school had conducted its post UTME, he felt sad describing it as a missed opportunity.

Chief Ogunjobi, however, urged government to take interest in David’s case and monitor his progress and also appealed to Delta State governor, Ifeanyi Okowa to award the young lad a scholarship like Governor Kashima Shettima of Borno State did to Israel Zakari who made 9A1s and topped the 2018 UTME with 364.

Mrs. Okorogheye described his son’s academic feat as God’s doing and lauded David’s uncles and aunties who helped fund his education after the death of his father. She said she noticed his academic prowess in primary school.
“I was happy when the school called to inform me that David made 9A1s in WASSCE. I thanked God for his performance. He was also outstanding during his primary school,” Mrs. Okorogheye pointed out.

She explained that despite his performance in WASSCE and UTME, his son cannot go to the university this academic session because of his age. The mother further revealed that she will enroll David for two years A level class.
He said he studied hard and with help of his teachers and the director of studies, he made the marks in the May/June 2018 WASSCE and UTME.

On Medicine as choice of course of study, David said the decision was informed when at eight years, he watched how doctors battled to save the life of his dad.
“I was eight years old when my father died in the hospital. I was there and I saw how the doctors and nurses tried their best. From that moment I made a vow that I will read medicine to save peoples life.

“I chose UNILAG because it was closer home and also for my mum, aunties and uncles to monitor me. I want to specialize in Neurosurgery.”
David did not betray any emotion about his missing out in the 2018/2019 admission exercise on account of age but stressed that he has taken it in good faith. He insisted that he will put in Medicine after the advance level.

“I am a triangular student and a bookworm. My mum is a teacher and she instilled the reading habit in me. I appreciate my aunties and uncles who took over my education after the death of my dad. Abioye Okeoluwa from Osun State who made 9A1s in WASSCE motivated me,” he said.

The Director of Communications of the National Universities Commission (NUC), Ibrahim Yakassi did not pick calls but a senior staff of the regulatory body told The Education Report that it is responsibility of each university Senate to fix age limit and other criteria for admission.
“We don’t dabble into this issue. It is the university senate that decides age limit for admission. NUC is mainly concern with accreditation of courses, regulation of academic standard and monitoring of the universities,” she added.

Source: Sun News

PHOTONEWS: President Buhari Gives Money To Children Who Visits Him During Sallah In Daura

President Buhari Gives Money To Children Who Visits Him During Sallah In Daura

VIDEO: Mercy Johnson Shares Adorable Photos As She Celebrates 7 Years Wedding Anniversary

Nollywood Actress Mercy Johnson Shares Adorable Photos As She Celebrates 7 Years Wedding Anniversary.

2015: How we persuaded Jonathan to concede defeat – Gen. Abdusalami

Former military Head of State, Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar (rtd) has shared a vivid account of how former President Goodluck Jonathan was convinced to concede defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari during the 2015 presidential election.
Speaking at the 2018 Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Abuja, the former military head of state said that African history is rife with leaders who are obsessed with power.

Abubakar, who delivered a keynote address on: “Political transitions in Africa: Lessons to learn,” lamented that even when political office holders are elected through the democratic process, they manipulate some vital democratic institutions such as the judiciary and legislature to enable them suppress opposition in a bid to hang on to power unduly.

He said, “Despite all these, however, Africa is now harvesting an influx of leaders and politicians. These young people who are emerging are more educated and internationally exposed than the current old leaders we have all over Africa.
“And these young men and women are trying to make their marks. However, as you know, they are hampered by the high cost of electioneering in developing countries and indeed the world.

The former military leader further commended former President Jonathan for not only conceding defeat, but for congratulating Buhari, who was a candidate of the opposition party.
He explained how he engaged stakeholders and elder statesmen with a view to forestalling such a scenario in the 2015 general elections where Jonathan conceded defeat.
He said, “Under the auspices of a peace initiative, we brokered the acceptance by leading contestants of some form of a memorandum of understanding with them to agree to accept the outcome of the elections, preach cordiality in relations and conduct peaceful campaigns.

“It is gratifying to note that, courtesy of our humble efforts and the
goodwill extended to it by the contestants and the Nigerian public, the 2015 national elections were conducted peacefully.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

25-year old lady died in the hand of a local priest

A 25-year old lady has died in the hand of a local priest. Idowu Ogunkoya, according to media reports, was drafted to the shrine of a deity, Ayelala, by her father, Temitayo Ogunkoya, where one Lekan Olukolu was the priest in charge.

The late Idowu's sin, according to a press release made available to Newsmen by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of Ogun Command, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, was an alleged possession of witchcraft, and required spiritual cleansing.

On arrival at the shrine, the priest reportedly shaved the hair on the victim's head and gave her a liquid substance to drink, all in a bid to deliver her from the alleged witchcraft.

But beyond their expectations, the lady suddenly slumped and died.

Consequently, one Lucky Oghenetega, Idowu's would-be husband, lodged a complaint with the police at the Ago-Iwoye Police Divisional headquarters, on the strength of which the DPO, CSP Adeola Adedoyin, led a team of detectives to the shrine, situated at Ojuolota area on Ijesha Road, Ago-Iwoye, where the priest was promptly arrested alongside the deceased's father on Sunday, August 19, 2018.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police, CP Ahmed Iliyasu, has ordered the immediate transfer of the suspects to the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), for further investigation.

Iliyasu, however, warned members of the public to desist from primitive and barbaric ways of dealing with matters, especially issues that have to do with human life, saying the Command would not tolerate such archaic life style, capable of terminating innocent people’s lives unnecessarily.

Talented Young Boy Built This Beautiful House

Talented Young Boy Built This Beautiful House:Talent is all I see. Boy you’re going places

Prime Minister Of Netherlands,Mark Rutter Going To Work On A Bike.

Summer’s almost gone: ministers meet to work on 2019 spending plans
Cabinet ministers on Tuesday afternoon held their traditional end-of-recess informal meeting at the Catshuis, the prime minister’s official residence in The Hague. Top of the agenda is finalizing the 2019 budget, which will be presented to MPs on the third Tuesday in September.

The coalition’s plans to scrap the tax on dividends, which will mainly benefit foreign firms, is one of the main issues to be included in the spending plans. The government is pressing ahead with the proposals, which will cost the treasury some €2bn in lost income a year, despite widespread criticism.

This weekend prime minister Mark Rutte hit the headlines after describing the decision to scrap the tax as ‘extremely annoying’. However, he said, there was no alternative to removing it from the statute books to keep foreign and Dutch firms in the Netherlands.

Another hot topic is how to budget for the loss of tax income on natural gas from Groningen, which is now being wound down, broadcaster NOS said. The finance ministry’s tax reforms will also include the future of the 30% ruling, a special tax break for some categories of international workers. The government plans to reduce the 30% ruling duration from eight to five years, without a transition period for current claimants.

Tax minister Menno Snel has so far refused to yield to calls by both the international community, trade unions and companies with large number of international workers for a period of transition. A number of political parties, including the PvdA and SGP, support a transition period as well.

Rutte said on Twitter after the meeting that the main point of the discussions on Tuesday is to ensure ‘everyone realises that things are going better in the Netherlands’.

Man arrested after missing teenage girl is found in The Hague, Netherlands

A 33-year-old man has been arrested in The Hague in connection with the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl in July. The girl, known as Nsimire, disappeared after leaving a friend’s house in The Hague, where she had spent the night, on July 28.

 The teenager was found in The Hague in good health on Wednesday following a tip-off. The man is suspected of sheltering the girl during her disappearance and was arrested shortly after Nsimire was found.

Police have given few details about the case and say they plan to talk more to the girl in the coming days in a bid to find out what happened. ‘

We will ask her about why she disappeared, where she has been for the past few weeks and what has been going on,’ police said in a statement. ”A lot is unclear and needs to be investigated.’
Nsimire’s family mounted a major search operation to try to find the girl after she vanished. The police had refused to issue an Amber Alert, saying they did not consider the girl was in imminent danger. ‘

The family are furious that an adult was involved,’ family friend Alphonse Muambi told the Telegraaf. ‘Perhaps something happened to her, but we are waiting for the police investigation.’ The police have also called on people who circulated photos of the girl while she was missing to remove them from websites

Beautiful Young Girl Marries An Older Man In Anambra

 Bride didn't look too happy as she married a much older man in Aguata, Anambra state. In photos shared online, the bride is seen wearing a scowl all through on what should have been a happyday.

Former England Star Carlton Cole Declared Bankrupt Despite Earning Millions Over a 16-Year Career

Carlton Cole has been declared bankrupt despite earning millions over a 16-year career playing in the Premier League and for England.

Most known for his time at West Ham, Cole once earned up to £30,000 per week.

The 34-year-old was told of the verdict at London's High Court and hopes his desperate situation can be a warning to young players exposed to the riches of the modern game.

"I hope my story will help young footballers to take responsibility for who they listen to and take advice from," Cole said.
Carlton Cole played seven caps
"Unfortunately, I didn’t realise what was going on until my career was in the latter years and too late for me to turn things around."

Cole enjoyed a fine career after coming through the ranks at Chelsea, including seven caps for England.

His best spell came at West Ham, with 293 appearances and 68 goals for the Hammers over nine years.

"Carlton Cole is currently working mentoring young people and footballers about the pitfalls of life and money," a statement on behalf of the player from the Sun read.

"He will be going into more detail in the coming weeks about the advice that contributed to this situation and the people he had around him who had a negative effect on his career and finances."

Cole's future will be in youth development, with the launch of his CCTwelve Football Academy in East London.

Kids from aged seven to 14 will have the opportunity to play against professional academies and prove their worth.


Nigeria woman accuses husband of being a kidnapper, murderer and a 419ner. After this lavish wedding

Nigeria woman accuses husband of being a kidnapper, murderer and a 419ner. After this lavish wedding spent with over 100million naira.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Ondo ex-deputy gov’s daughter murder:Court could not proceed as there was no lawyer to represent the accused person.

The trial of Seidu Adeyemi the killer of Khadijat, the daughter of a former deputy governor of Ondo State, Alhaji Lasisi Oluboyo, at the Ondo State High Court could not proceed as there was no lawyer to represent the accused person in the court.

The State High Court sitting in Akure the state capital resumed the hearing of the murder case against Adeyemi on Monday but there was no legal appearance for the defendant.

Adeyemi was arrested by the Ondo State Police Command in July for allegedly killing the former deputy governor’s daughter for a ritual purpose at his house at Oke Aro area of Akure. He allegedly buried the deceased inside his room for six days.

At the court on Monday, the leader of the prosecution team and the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Kola Olawoye, told the court that all necessary documents had been served and that the trial is expected to commence.

While lamenting the inability of the defendant to have a legal representation, Olawoye explained that it was constitutional for a defendant to have a legal representation for the sake of fair hearing.

He said, “By law,  in a capital offence of this nature, a defendant must be represented by a counsel. That is his constitutional right to fair hearing.

“We discovered after serving all the processes on him personally that he was without any legal representative and It is a must before the next adjournment date.

“He must provide a lawyer of his choice to represent him as provided by the law but if he failed after two adjournments then the court will be forced to pick a lawyer for him.”

Olawoye noted that the state was interested in the case because of the circumstances leading to the death of the deceased.

“The state decided to take up the case in order to know what led to the death of the deceased, and we want the defendant to explain to the whole world the part he took in the killing of the lady if any.”

In his ruling, the judge, Justice Samuel Bola ordered the prison officials to liaise with the prison welfare officer to contact the defendant’s family in order to provide a lawyer to represent him in the trial and assured that the suit would be given an accelerated hearing.

The judge stated that the constitution recognised the right to legal aid as an integral component to a fair trial.


29-year-Old Man Arrested by Lagos State Police Attempt To Murder His Mother For Money Rituals

Lagos Police arrest man over attempt to kill mother for money rituals

The Lagos State Police Command on Monday confirmed the arrest of a 29-year-old man, Taiwo Akinola, who allegedly attempted to kill his mother, Mrs Alice Akinola, for money ritual purposes.

The command’s spokesman, CSP Chike Oti, confirmed the arrest in a statement.

He alleged that the suspect was arrested on Sunday at about 8.30 a.m., at No. 2, Raji Ajanaku St., Alaja Road, Ayobo, a suburb of Lagos.

Oti said the alleged incident happened in the flat where the suspect, his mother and his 14-year old nephew were living at the above mentioned address.

The statement said, “In a carefully thought out plan to kill his mother, Taiwo, said to be a staunch member of the notorious Aiye Confraternity, went to the victim’s provision store in front of their apartment.

“There, he told his mother to meet him inside the house for an important discussion.

“At the same time, he sent his nephew, Faruk, to go and buy him white handkerchief and a stick of cigarette.

“But as soon as his mother entered the house, the suspect attacked her, smashing a plank on her head with, pressing iron and a UPS charger to ensure she did not survive the ferocious attack.’’

The statement stated that, “When Faruk returned from the errand, he did not see his grandmother in the shop so he went into the house only to see the poor woman lying in a pool of blood.

“Shocked by what he saw, the small boy raised the alarm which attracted neighbours to the scene.
“They called the police from Ayobo Division who on arriving the scene promptly arrested the suspect.

“They also secured the scene for further investigation by the police forensic experts attached to the Homicide Section at the SCIID Panti, Yaba,” Oti said.

Oti added that the victim, whose life was hanging in the balance was quickly rushed to an undisclosed hospital for medical attention.

“Right now, the doctors are battling to revive Mrs Akinola who at present is unconscious.’’

Oti also said that the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, CP Imohimi Edgal, had paid the initial hospital bill which enabled the doctors to commence treatment on the victim.
Oti said that the suspect had allegedly confessed that he was asked to kill his mother and become stupendous wealthy.

He also said in the statement that police detectives found two calabashes in the suspect’s room.

He said that one of them contained a human skull and the other contained a mixture of dark concoctions.

Oti also said that the police also found a plank perforated with nails stained with blood and a blood-stained pressing iron in the suspect’s room.

He added that other exhibits recovered from the suspect’s room include: a white handkerchief with which the suspect wanted to scoop the victim’s blood and a bottle containing oil and labelled back-to- sender.

The command’s spokesman also quoted the CP as charging Lagosians to rise against all forms of crime and criminality.

He said that the command triumphed over the menace of the Badoo cult group with the help of public useful and timely information to the police.

The CP was quoted to have added that the time had come to root out street cult groups.

He said that complacency was not an option in the face of threat to peace and security posed by nefarious associations. (NAN)