"See The Yahoo Plus Lover That Killed Slay Queen, Classic White"- Lady Accuses (Pics)

According to a facebook user with Fb name Clara Wayne, the late osun slay queen who was allegedly used/killed by a Gboy called "Ibitoye Akolade Kmoney" on facebook.

Here is what the yahoo boy posted in December about the late SlayQueen......

And the death of the Slayqueen really came up in 2018....

Here is what Clara Wayne posted.. below

"This ritualist was a boylover Of late Boss solo my sister from another mother �

The ritualist know as Kmoney and Bose Solo have a quarrel base on her flirting wit another man �‍.. Although Kmoney was also a Baller(G boy) He has been threatened her I myself don't want to interfere in the matter because I no what his capable of doing

Because we all know his doing Yahoo plus..

But we believe he love her daring until he eventually slay her life... Of recently on the jan 18 in Osun state

Although have saw the post on Dec 22 last year... But I ignore but I felt something about him that he not a guy � that loves joking

He also mean his words

If he promise you something

His mind won't be at rest until he purchase it

What a wicked world �

Any thing that comes around goes around

You will surely reap what u sow

Her spirit will avenge you

Ibitoye Akorede Kmoney"

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