Oh Dear! Cossy Orjiakor Thinks Stephanie Otobo Lied In Her Confession Video

Oh before I start, sorry we have been offline since around noon! We had one of our outreach programs today (reaching out to widows) and oh, it took us offline, everyone was involved, and we thank God for being in charge of His program and asking its a success. Just getting back home... And yo, work must continue... Phew, despite me being so tired, looool.

So hmm, back to the gist... Cossy Orjiakor is saying some particular women are now singing a new song saying what they earlier said isn't the truth, lol. Let us help you break down the names, despite she didn't mention any (well, even her followers on social media) already decoded the names, how can those names be hard sef, hiss, lol. So Cossy thinks Stephanie Otobo is lying that she was paid to
black mail Apostle Suleman and also hinted Kemi Olunloyo to has changed her tone, saying she will even start worshipping at Pastor Ibiyemi's church in Port Harcourt which shouldn't be so. Before now, Cossy had threatened to mention a particular Pastor's name, saying he is into women and what have you, especially when the case of Ms Otobo and Kemi Olunloyo came up. I mean when Kemi was sent to jail and when Otobo came out saying, she has been Apostle Suleman's fcuk mate... phew! Well, long story cut short, Cossy says she will be mentioning the Pastor's name come Easter sunday except he settles her before then. Read what she said below.... Oh Cosssy!

Now....they are all singing a different song. Women.. Some are so easy to be broken. A prison term can do the trick... Well what do i know about that case. Absolutely nothing... Then the chekeleke bird whose story i know is true is singing a different tune... Clap for yourself. You be the chopper. me I be the worker wey never collect salary. Like seriously do I look like someone you can send on errands without sorting out. Jay ...jay...jay.. How many times did I call you. 3x. I wonder how you do it. Na only you follow come...Baba for the girls. Confess your sins now ... Own it up to them or I can help you fix it. As for me I must get paid for the work I did. You can't use me as errand girl without pay because you are still eating the fruit of my labour. On Easter Sunday. Your name and your organization will be made public. You can sue me. I don't care. I worked... I must get paid..

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