Nigerians React To Dorcas Shola Fapson Vs Taxify Driver Rape Saga

First of all, the guy can’t be a rappist or kidnapper because he is working/partner with a well known Taxi company. The company has his guarantors details, home address, etc.

Secondly, am sure he has been working with that company for along time now, you are not his first client and if he was to indulge in any negative business, you won’t be his first pray. Don’t worry cause is certain he would plan it well.

Thirdly, you had all the time to video this, stayed in the car and initially from your voice it never sound like you were been threatened, except @ the last minute of the video when you decide to step out from the car from the other door, made a life threatening shout, or acted like you were been threatened, and cut the video without showing us if the guy actually manhandled you, or he broke your phone or tried to snatch it (you would have complained about your phone but you didn’t to show you were not manhandled and that you phone was save).

Fourth, backing my point above, you termed him the aggressor! For every aggressor who wouldn’t want to be exposed, even when they can’t see properly, if they discovered you have a video of them in the act, the will prefer losing their life than allowing you go with the video. Thus, your phone was not damaged, seized or something, you never complained about it.

Fifth, you are a very smart girl. I like smart and corny types like you. You actually knew this will come out in the news, so all you did was to make a quick misheavous video to make you the video. And cut it without showing the slightest aggression from the guy, except the shout you made.

Sixth, the direction the car was parked never showed a car trying to enter a gate. It was parked like a car trying to drop a passenger. But you told us he wanted to enter the gate by parking facing it. And that he first of all went to open the gate before coming to you.

Seventh, one of the major reason I believed he came to drag you was because you were holding his key, for Christ sake, if you are not a trouble maker, why will you be holding a ‘kidnappers’ car key instead of running. It’s obvious you don’t want him to leave. And you actually made a call to some friends who you were expecting to come and beat him up. And the driver knowing this, and knowing you refused to come down from the car decided to go to where he will be more saver, and that was the front of his house.

Lastly, it’s obvious the guy terminated the journey showing he didn’t have bad intention, it’s obvious you booked a taxify without a journey plan, it is obvious you requested and booked another taxify, yet, you refused to come down from his car. For you to have that spray… won’t want to talk deep on that. But as a psychologist, we have a saying, anyone who has a weapon to defend him/herself has more tendency to use or even force situation to use it than someone who doesn’t.

Inclusion, not trying to just create empirical facts, but to judge that what the driver said, his own part of the story is the ‘truth’. And you, you are just trying to cover up your atrocities by playing the victim. You own side of the story is ‘false’.

A Criminologist University of Abuja

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