Cristiano Ronaldo Caught Sending Messages To Beautiful Model In The Middle Of The Night

Real Madrid superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo was caught sending messages to a model identified as Rhian Sugden and has gotten into problems with his girlfriend. 

The footballer has however been warned off pestering Rhian Sugden by her fiancé. 

According to The Sun UK, the 32-year-old former Manchester United star got friendly with Rhian, 30, when living in the city. 
The pair would bump into one another at clubs. But since leaving for Real Madrid in 2009, he has bombarded the lingerie model with messages on social media. 

The Portuguese striker, who has four children, often asked when she will have kids and regularly urged Rhian to ring him on Facebook Messenger. 

After one plea, she replied: “I’m just about to pick my fella up from work and then we are going for drinks. “I don’t think he’d approve of me talking to you at 11pm.” 

 Ronaldo, whose girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, 23, had baby girl Alana Martina last November, backed off after a warning from Rhian’s ­boyfriend Oliver Mellor, 36. 

A source said: “Ronaldo bombards Rhian with messages periodically. They’re friendly enough, but sometimes turn a bit weird. She’s mentioned several times that she has a fiance, but he doesn’t seem to take notice. “In the end, Oliver found out and sent Ronaldo a polite message asking him to back off. Since then Ronaldo has deleted the conversations.

“Rhian’s not heard a peep since. She’s pleased. She has no interest in him.”   Rhian has refused to comment.   Oliver, who played Dr Matt Carter in Coronation Street for three years, had to step in previously after Aussie cricket legend Shane Warne messaged Rhian asking her to go for a drink. 

He contacted Warne to say:

“This is Rhian’s fiancé. “As I can see from previous messages — she has mentioned this a few times. 

“Not sure why a 46 year old man who she has never met would want to meet up with her, other than to be inappropriate. “Find somebody single to bombard with messages. Oliver X”. 

Warne replied with a thumbs up.

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