Amber Rose Shows Off Her New Boobs After Surgery

Amber Rose is home recovering from her breast reduction surgery. The 34-year-old social media star took to Instagram to give a health update on Sunday. She was wearing a fuzzy purple robe so she could easily give her fans a sneak peak of her new breasts.

The surgery was performed on January 17 by Dr. Garth Fisher in Beverly Hills.  'I don’t know if you guys know, but I was a 36 H,' Rose said on her Instagram story. 'I was really really big and I think
now I might just be a D cup which is really small for me.'

She further said she's excited to wear cute little shirts and strapless outfits now that her boobs aren't as large.

'Look how much smaller they are,' she said smiling. 'I really went down a lot.'

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