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Jiron Ft. Olamide - Asalamale (Prod. By Puffy-Tee)

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MUSIC: Qwerty Hanky Ft. Olamide - Hustle

MUSIC: Adekunle Gold Ft. Simi - No Forget + Ariwo Ko || BUY "GOLD" ALBUM NOW!!!

MUSIC: Adekunle Gold Ft. Simi - No Forget + Ariwo Ko || BUY "GOLD" ALBUM NOW!!!

Audio + Video – Blakemon@blakemonmusic – Sumo Mi

Audio + Video – Blakemon@blakemonmusic – Sumo Mi

Blakemon – “Ojoro” ft. Seriki

Blakemon – “Ojoro” ft. Seriki

Monday, 31 July 2017

The last list of signings of Messi for the Barça comes with surprise

Leo Messi does not keep an eye on the market. The departure of Neymar is a blessing in Barcelona.
With relations between the Argentine and Neymar cracked, the team sees in the 222 million that will leave the Brazilian the best option to build a new team to face Real Madrid from now.
In this sense, Messi is clear: the current squad needs to be strengthened in each of its lines.
A franchise player per zone that would catapult Barca to the top immediately.
With Coutinho apalabrado for medullary, Dybala is the chosen one of the '10' to cover the escape of Neymar. In addition, the PSG offers Di Maria / Draxler in the operation. Also to a Marquinhos that could be the final surprise to shore up the defense of the new Barça.
A team that twists the face in Madrid where some begin to wonder if it was not better to follow Neymar Barca.

Don Balon 

UPDATE: 4 Yahoo Boys Arrested for the Murder of a ‘Slay Queen’ (Photos)

Four young men have been arrested by the officers of the Ghanaian Police for the gruesome murder of popular Ghanaian Instagram model called DC Queen, LIB is reporting.
Recall that the model whose really name is Lydia Ama Serwaa was found murdered on Friday, her body mutilated and dumped by the roadside. Sources who first reported the story alleged that Lydia’s body parts were scavenged by her killers.
Shortly after the news of her death surfaced, friends of Lydia trouped to Facebook to write their condolences, while others added that she was murdered by men who picked her up at a popular nightclub.
Now, an update says that the police in the Dome-Kwabenya suburbs of Accra have picked up four men, allegedly ‘Yahoo-Yahoo’ boys, in connection with the murder. These men identified as- James Opoku, Yussif Ahmed, Akwasi Adae and Muhammed Abdul-Sadeek- are reportedly helping with the investigations.
Meanwhile, the photos from the murder scene continue to make rounds online- shocking pictures which show the deceased completely in the u’nclad.

Justice At Last For Aluu4: Court Sentence 3 People To Death For Murder Of Aluu 4, 4years Ago

A High Court in Rivers State has found 3 people guilty for the death of four students Ugonna Obuzor, Toku Lloyd, Chiadika Biringa, and Tekena Elkanah, who were murdered more than 4 years ago in UNIPORT.
The court presided over by Justice Nyordee sentenced the three guilty people to death. The court discharged and acquitted the remainingfour suspects.
Justice Nyordee stated that prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th accused persons were involved in the murder of the four.
It will be recalled that 12 people, including a police sergeant have been facing trial since Dec. 20, 2012 over the alleged murder of the students.
However, five out of the 12 suspects, including a traditional ruler in Aluu Community have been discharged.

EXPOSED!! ”Push Up B’ra” – The B’ra Causing B’reast Cancer In Ladies (Photos)

According to multiple online reports,the reason behind high incidence of b’reast cancer in ladies who use push up b’ras have been exposed.Reports say there are flaming liquid,a magnet and some beats inside the cotton of push up b’ras which can cause b’reast cancer.Below is what some Facebook users shared…
‘One of Satan’s trick has been exposed again.
 Beautiful Ladies and lover of fashion beware of your so called “push up”b’ra, inside the cotton there is this flaming liquid, a magnet and some beats in side. Today it has been exposed. This is one of the easiest way of cancer spread. Please check your b’ra after buying them.
Share this message and save a soul, God bless you as you spread this news across Facebook’.

Shocking! Woman Runs Mad, Moves From One Man To Another Asking For S*x After Catching Her Husband Doing It With Another Woman (Photos)

her husband cheating on her with another woman.
Shortly after she caught her hubby redhanded with another woman, she took off her clothes and started moving from one man to another asking them to commit adultery with her.It is not clear where it happened.

Hushpuppi Blasts Blasts Kcee, Eniola Badmus And Bloggers For Not Doing This..

Hushpuppi too to IG to blasts bloggers and some celebs who he said they usually pick on everything he does especially those that are wrong.
Ray Hushpuppi is not happy with the Nigerian media for not writing about how he helped one of his followers with who needed funds for medical attention after an attack by robbers.
He wrote:
 “Over 24 hours ago, I was having fun on my Snapchat with few friends to raise money for me to blow for the weekend. In less than an hour I was sent over 2million naira which was much more than what I was seeking to have fun for that moment so I decided to give some of it out, I sent a couple of people I know some of it and I remembered a boy with a severe pain because by an armed robbery attack, so I decided to donate to him to get good medical attention, I also thought I would use my platform to get him a lot of donors which I posted his case on my page and he has then received massive turn out from my friends and followers but there’s something I noticed, to my surprise not even one of this bloggers who are quick to pick anything I do ever picked that good I did to write about, rather I see some blogs posting hushpuppi stylishly turns beggar, and none of their commenters/fans wrote to them that they should see this and that which hushpuppi has done o, none of your celebrities do this rather they only post and fold their arms to problem of the public who made them who they are, we didn’t see eniola badmus and kcee to tag federal government that I deserve a goodwill award but they are quick to tag efcc to come and investigate my blessings but at the end of the day I am not surprised, all my years in the struggle I have learnt black people mostly Nigerians are quick to bring their own down rather than praise, build or support each other. Love don’t exist among us but with all this I won’t stop being the good guy that I am either y’all see it or not, God sees it and I see why he never seize to keep blessing me. May God bless u good guys out there that never get celebrated or appreciated, God see your work and will crown your handiwork.”

”That A$$ Aren’t Smooth” Nigerians Blasts Popular OAP, Moet Abebe After Sharing Stretch Marks B’um..And She Fires Back

Moet responded to internet trolls who mocked her ass, calling it terrible..see below;

“Why you should be a Yahoo Boy” (Must Read)

2:56 a.m this morning, I woke up to go use the loo for the 8th time because I had been reacting to the enjoyment (Cassava flakes and 3 tins of milk) I had yesterday.
My phone on hand, nature was doing her job whilst I stared vacantly into my Facebook news feed, suddenly!!! I stumbled upon the story of the arrest of yahoo boys on who scam and defraud unsuspecting persons via voodoo (sacrifice humans) they had been arrested for their perilous fleeting devilish activities for money making.
I never use to pay attention to their stories, Reading that? My poo melted, my heart squatted, I felt like some iodine had been inserted into my thyroid glands.
What??? These are kids age ranking from 18-25. Who confessed to killing their girlfriends, making them useless in life and ended several innocent people to enhance their progression. All in the name of ‘getting rich quick syndrome’ and perhaps to be evidence of the swoon song “30 billion in the account” They’ve mortgaged their future, destiny and soul for money that could be their own in life. Yes!! theirs.
Roughly 5 years ago an herbalist who had converted to a believer told me_ first hand, how voodoo works; he said “you only make all the money you will earn in your entire life in only a short amount of time. If you are supposed to make 100 million in 80 years of your life, you will make that same amount of money within 5 years, then death or something bad follows”.
‘A Thief can only steal from himself’, when a person steals he is simply stealing from his future. Some people are suffering from the outcome of their Great Grand Father’s actions “When the devil gives you a cap, he will take the cap back with your head”. Dad briefly whispered us back home about the story of a late Nigerian Billionaire airliner (I don’t want to drop his name), he was once upon a time one of the richest men in the Country, he died a mysterious death, before death—his body rottened whilst he was still alive, he committed so much atrocities, when he died even the grounds rejected him.
All the things and billions he ever own vanished same way it came. Alas and Alack the truth became apparent to everyone, but then? it was too late.
The truth is, these acts has given us discredit and a bad name in the international community, having left the borders of Nigeria, I realized that other nationals second guess our honesty, they act with extra cautious when dealing with us. Most online shopping websites have blacklisted Nigeria. Our corporate image has been soiled probably beyond repair. No one wants to deal with a Nigerian, this is so pathetic.
Most of these kids when caught gave the credits of their misfortune to their supportive parents on the wrong side of the track. This makes me sometimes feel ‘no home training is better than bad home training’.
Youths—Ask questions before you delve into certain things in life, you will definitely get answers. Let’s not be so cheap that we don’t look before we leap. Sooner or later we will all be tempted tested.
Before then, get MIND. I challenge you to have a brave MIND. the kind of bravery I’m talking about is not of evil but the common mind to resist temptations, ‘there is dignity in labor’. Thence I challenge you to live honestly within your own means, and not dishonestly upon the means of others.
I want to encourage us to have the right courage. Be brave enough to struggle like real men, courageously embrace disappointments, let your soul posses it self under every vicissitudes, be strong enough to convert your pitfalls into sky rise, your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Ensure your father and mother are proud of what you do, make the greatest country in Africa ‘Nigeria’ proud again, make your self proud, and above all? Make God Almighty in heaven look at you and say: “That’s my child”.
Any young man who dares to display himself in this right silent effort and endeavor, and dares to endure all the sufferings all for truth and duty is more truly heroic than the achievements of a Thief in king clothings. When we have the orientations of a brave MIND or ‘The True Billionaires Mind’ like I tagged it; the world in no time will surely step aside to let US pass.
Undoubtedly, Nigerians are hard working anywhere we find ourselves. We are creative, but then, some our youths are creative on the negative side, I want to encourage us to turn that negativity into positivity, desist and turn your energies on something enviable. This is my observation as someone who thinks with an open mind.
May God bless as you a Become a modified Y. A. H. O. O . Boy/Girl.
Y. Youths
A. Allowing
H. Hardwork
O. Omitting
O. Obreption
Felix Ade-Frank
Author /Life Coach.

EXPOSED!! Police Uncovers Badoo Cult Secret Shrine In Ikorodu…. 4 Graves Discovered At The Compound With 1 That Looked Fresh (Photos/Video)

According to the Lagos state police command on its Instagram page today, a shrine said to be used by members of the secret cult, Badoo in Ikorodu have been exposed.
One Alhaji Alaka Aboyomi, identified to be the owner of the Shrine, led the police team into the shrine located on a large expanse of land that is surrounded by thick bush.
police uncovers badoo shrine
About Four graves were found in the compound while another one that looked fresh was spotted on a corner in the compound.
Watch the Video:

Man Caught With a Stolen Gucci Shirt, Forced to Pose with ‘I’m Original Criminal” Placard

Some residents in the Jesse area of Delta State, apprehended a young man who reportedly stole a Gucci shirt and a pair of slippers and was made to pose with a placard.
The suspected thief
Multiple reports making rounds on social media have revealed how a young man who was probably inspired by popular Instagram big boy Hushpuppi, was caught with a stolen Gucci shirt and a pair of slippers.
The suspect was reportedly caught in the Jesse area of Delta State over the weekend and was forced to pose for the camera with a placard with the inscription, “I am original criminal Jesse bogar” written on it.
See more Photos below:

I Started Having S*x with My Grandmother at 18 – 23-year-old Student Confesses

A 23-year-old boy has warned young men never to attempt going into an incestuous relationship as his own experience has taught him a bitter lesson.
A 23-year-old student has made a startling confession of how he began an incestuous relationship with his grandmother for the past 5 years now. The shocking story between the 23-year-old student and his 52-year old grandmother has left residents of New Juaben Municipality of the Eastern Region spellbound.
Sampson Lartey [not real name] in an interview with Bryte FM’s, Asare Joseph disclosed that he developed the habit of masturbating after his colleagues introduced him to the act, revealed that he was once caught red-handed by her grandmother who took care of him while his parents were outside the country
He started having s*x with his granny at age 18 after she caught him masturbat!ng and therefore used that in blackmailing him for the s exual favours.
“I was eighteen (18) years when it all started. I lived with my grandmother when I was fourteen (14). My parents were not in the country by then, so I spent a lot of years with my grandmother. She took care of me just like her son, and gave me the best of education.
It was vacation, I was inside my room masturbat!ng. The pleasure in the act made me forget that I had not locked the door. Half through the process, my grandmother who wanted to send me on an errand suddenly opened the door. There I was, masturbat!ng. She had caught me in the act. I felt very ashamed and dirty.  She closed the door gently without saying a word.
Days after the incident, the cordial relationship that existed between my grandmother and myself froze. I panicked anytime my eyeballs met with hers. I had my nerves loosened. What have I done to myself? I quizzed over and over again.
I gathered courage and went to my grandmother; I apologized to her for the mess I have created. She told me right in the face that, what I have done is a great offense and she finds it very difficult to forgive me. My heart was bleeding after she made these pronouncements. I was sobbing. She could sense I was frustrated and had regretted ever doing that.
She drew me closer to herself and asked me to calm down. She assured not to tell anyone about what happened and made me promise her it is not going to happen again. I felt very excited. At least I can feel at ease at home’’. He said.
‘’My grandmother sent me on an errand one Saturday afternoon and asked me to bring the item into her room. I knocked at her door and she ordered me in. When I entered, what I saw was scary.
I saw the nakedness of my grandmother. She asked me to come closer to her since I was stunned beside the door. It took a long pause but I eventually went closer. I had a feeling I knew what was going to happen, but curiosity took me there.
Even though I knew it was erroneous for me to do that, I proceeded anyway. I felt very confused and frustrated but that did not stop me from making love to my grandmother after one act led to the other. And from there we’ve had s*x regularly for the past five years’’. He lamented.
’Though my girlfriend is not aware of my s*x escapades with my grandmother but in a way, it has affected the healthy relationship I used to have with my girlfriend. As a result, my girlfriend has decided to call it quits since I do not give her the necessary attention, care and love anymore’’.
I really want to stop this bad behaviour but am really finding it difficult and it has even again affected my education. My grades are getting worse as the day goes by and all what I think about is my grandmother but nothing else”. He revealed.
 “I feel very guilty for everything I have been doing with my grandmother. I pray no one especially the youth, enter a predicament like this because it is very disgusting and can hunt you for the rest of your life”

Popular Actress, Christabel Ekeh Lands in Police Custody for Releasing Her Own N*de Photos

A Ghanaian actress might have landed herself in trouble after releasing her n*de photos as the police is now investigating her.
Policemen in Ghana have allegedly taken actress Christabel Ekeh into custody for releasing her n*de photos on social media.
According to MyNewsGH, Ekeh who became instant social media sensation after releasing the photos a few weeks ago is now being investigated by the police.
The police is said to have taken the position as it has become rampant for people to release their n*ked photos on social media for fame. Ekeh was reportedly blocked on Instagram after the incident.
Although people thought her account was hacked the actress indicated that she released the photos in order to introduce her new self and the “new Christabel Ekeh”.
She, however, came later to indicate that she released the photos because she was being blackmailed and in order to fend off those blackmailers, she had to release them.
Her family after the release backed her up and insisted their daughter was in the right frame of mind and was not suffering from depression like people had suggested.

Angela Okorie finally Reveals who funds her Lavish lifestyle 0

Recently, actress Angela Okorie has been having the time of her life, travelling around the world. This has prompted some to insinuate that a big man somewhere must be sponsoring Okorie’s enviable lifestyle.
Angela is very angry at such comments, telling Punch before she became an actress she was making good money as a model and singer.
She said
“It is very annoying and insulting to say that a man must sponsor me before I can travel out of the country. Before I came into the movie industry, I was a model and singer and I was making good money from that. Even as an actress, I have appeared in a lot of films and my services are still very much in demand. I am also involved in some other things as well.
For anybody to now say that I’m living off anybody is the height of being dumb. Everything I am today is by the grace of God and my sweat. I am a very hard-working and independent person. I know what I want and I constantly go for it. I don’t need anybody to sponsor me,” she said.

See What This Slay Queen Posted On Instagram Just To Gain More Followers [Adults Photos, 18+]

‘Holiday the Golden Child’ has posed stark n*de on Instagram to promote her page which currently has about 25,000 followers.
The young and curvy lady whose real name is currently unknown is popularly regarded as the ‘Queen of South Beach’. She stunned her followers with pictures of her bum and B00bs on display and has refused to take them down amid strong criticisms.
She is currently into event promotions, modeling and business. She is the owner of Holiday Cabello All Hair Needs and co-owner of Vline Miami.
She is presently carving a niche for herself on social media as the suggestive photographs have given her the targeted publicity.
See more photos:

OMG!! You Won’t Believe What Happened To This Young Lady Who Drank Too Much On Her Birthday (Photos)

And the babe didn’t anticipate her day which started nicely would end like this.
While slaying on her birthday, this lady passed out after she was filmed drinking a bottle of hot drink during a car ride to mark her special day.
In a trending video footage which has gone viral online, the lady was seen sleeping hard on the ground after getting very drunk as her friends who filmed her laughed at her and made fun of the situation.
See Photos Below

Watch Shocking Moment Pastor Chris Okafor Struck Woman With Blindness For Tying Daughter With Sickness (VIDEO)

Popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Okafor, has gone viral after a video of him striking a 65 year old woman with blindness after accusing her of witchcraft surfaced.
The general overseer of Mountain of Liberation and miracle ministry, Pastor Chris, was conducting a deliverance section and he called out a lady suffering from the issue of blood for six months named Blessing.
He said God ministered to him that Blessing’s mother named Dorcas was responsible for her child’s sickness. The 65 year old woman denied and the pastor asked God to blind her in ten minutes.
Soon after, Dorcas went blind and confessed to inflicting her daughter with the illness. She was prayed for and her sight was restored.
While many think the pastor played a Nollywood role by trying to be popular, some think he is truly a man of God sent to heal thousands.
Watch video below;

Hushpuppi allegedly EXPOSED, He Has Been Linked To A “Jane Woodscrane” (Screenshots)

Maylasian based Nigerian big boy, Hushpuppi, should get himself ready for internet trolling and criticizing after a new research from a curious forum user, CorpersCorner, allegedly exposed and linked him to a ‘Jane Woodscrane’
Take your time and read all, as researched by Corperscorner!
He wrote:
So for some time now, we’ve been getting disturbing by the noise of the glorious Gucci puppet called Hushpuppi.
First of, I’m doing this for the sake of those that would want to wallow in frustration ‘cos they feel this dude is getting money just by being a socialite (only God knows
what that truly means in today’s world).
When it comes to social engineering, you only need to slip up and make a tiny mistake just once before you have your biography being downloaded by the whole world. Apparently, Nigerian scammers are not learned enough to dust their trails. I keep telling those who care to listen, the true scammers and fraudsters have at least one Masters Degree in a duly accredited course of study from a renowned institution (not those ones that grew up knowing all the cyber cafes in the area).
Hushpuppi slipped up when he posted a screenshot of his credit notification received via mail. He exposed a detail he probably thought wouldnt mean much (dude, seriously – I thought you were smart).
Well….before i continue…leme just share the screenshots alongside this post. Observe the email addy in the screenshot below:
Sure you must have compared the email from the virtual registry with the email from his “bank alert”. Thats a 100% match…
Interesting…..LOL….Mr Socialite.
Not done yet….so a baby step was taken further to put a face to the identity and guess what. The end-result made me understand why this dude sometimes wear female clothes. Ray Hushpuppi is actually a “SHE”…..
THe email was mapped to a single profile on Facebook….no suggestions or similar profiles at all. It got mapped directly to a single Facebook account: Jane Woodscrane
Little wonder why bros hushpuppi picked the “J” from the Jane and retained the “Woodscrane”.
The account has just a few pictures with the usual Facebook privacy thing turned on (very peculiar with Nigerian scammers tho). I want to believe this dude has more aces up his sleeves.
This could be his past or his latest parole……but one thing is so certain. This is a part of who Hushpuppi is.
I do social engineering for fun….so if he would like to bark at this, he should remember there is more where that came from unless he is a close friend to the CEO of Google and would put a call through to him to wipe off all his related records off the internet (plus dark web).
I’m not hating on him tho…but so long he keeps insulting hardworking people with a verified source of income – the source of his wealth will continue to stir the curious mind.
See screenshots below…

Cable Thief Paraded In Owerri, Str!pped U’nclad & Beaten Mercilessly (Photos)

A thief was recently apprehended while stealing armored cable wires at Umuguma Owerri neighborhood, Imo State capital.
He was caught by residents of the neighborhood, as he was str!pped u’nclad, beaten and was about to be set ablaze before police officers come to rescue him.
He was nabbed at Umuguma back of three decking at Abba father and in the process of being lynched, the police came to his rescue.
According to some people, he has been terrorizing the neighborhood, breaking into people’s shops before his capture.
More photos below:

Evans to be arraigned in Lagos court soon as police arrest 2 of his major accomplices (Photos)

Police in Abuja has said Evans will be returned to Lagos state to face his prosecution.
The alleged kidnapper may be slammed with no less than a 40-count charge bordering on armed robbery, kidnapping, murder etc
According to Vanguard, police authorities at the Louis Edet House, Force headquarters, Abuja, may have concluded investigations into activities of Evans.
The report added that the police force interrogation with Evans has been was very ‘extensive and intensive’ as the authority is determined to prepare a water-tight case for prosecution in court.
Speaking to Vanguard, a police source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said Evans would be slammed with no less than a 40-count charge bordering on armed robbery, kidnapping, murder etc as all the veritable evidences that will nail him in court have been carefully prepared and documented.
Although, the source noted that Evans pleaded passionately to be pardoned and granted lesser charges, assuring that he is ready to turn a new leaf, his interrogators have ensured that they were determined to capitalize on his pleas to extract very useful information that will lead to a successful prosecution.
It was also gathered that investigators are in search of all known and unknown members of Evans vicious gang and accomplices before concluding their investigations.
However, it was gathered that two other major accomplices were arrested in the course of their investigation. They include; one Emeka, who allegedly gave information that led to the bloody attack on transport mogul and owner of Young Shall Grow Motors, Chief Obianodo in 2013, and another man popularly called Baba Eko, who allegedly supplied information that led to the kidnap of Evans’ last victim, Chief Donatus Dunu, early this year. But so far, investigators have not been able to identify some of his vast properties and wealth both in Nigeria and abroad including tracing the whereabouts of his wife and children but according to the police source, efforts are in top gear in that regard.
The source added:
“We are also critically looking into the role played by security agencies including the police, army etc; that enabled Evans operate freely for so long without being arrested and I can assure you that the Inspector-General of Police directed that we should leave no stone unturned in that regard.
He specifically directed us to expose everybody, whether police or military, directly or indirectly involved in the criminal escapades of Evans with firm assurance that they all must face the wrath of the law.”

Two Masquerades go viral after Exchanging Blows In Lagos (Video)

A video of Two masquerades fighting for unknown reasons surface online today.
Music icon, Daddy Showkey, shared a video on his page.
See footages and the video below
Watch the clip below: